Add fresh fruit, nuts and muesli for breakfast,
or sweet treats for dessert.

Whether you choose to go nuts or Frolic completely naked, Frolic can be whatever you wnat it to be. If you're hesitant to Frolic in public, go ahead and find somewhere cosy and private. Once Frolicing wiggles its way into your daily life, slowly escalate to bolder places. Do remember, Frolicing is completely natural, so there is no need to feel guilty. It's a great source of calcium and probiotics, and is virtually fat free.

Above all things, Frolic is whatever makes you happy. It may just be that feeling you thought you'd forgotten.

Run free and carry on.

The Entertainer
The Entertainer

Entertainers have vivacious personas that excite and engage those around them. They are spontaneous, energetic and often like to be in the middle of the action and the center of attention. They often have a playful, open sense of humor, and like to draw out other people and help them have a good time. Typically unconventional, entertainers live in the moment, and tend not to plan ahead. They prefer to be free to take up whatever sounds diverting at the moment.

Entertatiner Flavour The Entertainer
The Seducer

Seducers possess a mysterious presence that charms and intrigues. A master in the art of desire, they will often be surrounded by a crowd of admirers. It comes from a deep inner quality brimming with self-confidence, sense of purpose and contentment. This quality radiates outward, permeating flirtatious gestures that others lack and want. The Seducer is typically ambitious and interested in gaining power and influence in which others find infectious but difficult to control.

Seducer Flavour The Seducer
The Naturalist

Naturalists are typically warm and free spirited with a contagious energy. Although they are characteristically fun-loving, naturalists are also typically practical and down-to-earth. They are grounded in their beliefs and are usually keenly aware of the facts and details in their environment, especially as they pertain to people. They value originality and want to be authentic and individual in what they do.

Naturalist Flavour The Naturalist

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